“Rock On Request has always known how important it is to support and promote local music. But every now and again, we find ourselves stumbling upon a band that is right on that edge of no longer just being one of our favorite "local" artists, but on the verge of being the band that everyone will soon be talking about. THE RARE is just that band, for so many reasons. In a time where it's all too easy to follow the trends in this business, The Rare is taking ownership of rock again....and they DO own it out there on stage. They combine their love of true hard rock with some metal and alternative influences to create a sound that just belongs on stage. Add to that some serious charisma and great work ethic and you have a band poised to make themselves known! I had the pleasure of sitting down with lead vox Nicho Searls recently. To say he is a man on a mission would be an understatement. Watch our interview at” - Christina Avina, Rock On Request Magazine

“I always love it when I hear a band for the first time and I am just instantly hooked. Then I find they have been around for several years. I feel like I have been missing out but I am sure glad that I found them now. So then, I headed over to their website and heard their song samples and I love the straight up rock and roll they deliver. From there I headed over to their Youtube channel and watched their video for a new song, Vegas Valentine which is off their new album In “The Dark” and was just released November 12th! This song is infectious and you can’t help but get drawn in to their energetic vibe, even dipping into a bit of old school punk rock anthem style. Today with all the labels of genre, sub-genre, post-sub genre categories, (yikes!) it is refreshing to see a band just do what they love and put out great rock n roll, not trying to fit into a particular slot. They are unique in their sound and I am really digging them.” - Marisol, Music Junkie Press

“Brought together by mutual friends, The Rare is part of a musical genre that can only be described as epic rock. While you can hear clear influences from famous bands Rise Against and AFI, these guys bring more than just music to the stage. They have a presence that is unique, unusual, uncommon . . . dare we say it—rare. By sharing personal video clips on their Facebook page, you gain insight to their ways of recording, intimate jam sessions and more. They also share exclusive music videos, including footage from their killer show at Citizens Business Bank Arena—all in all, this band makes you feel like you’re their new best friend and after hearing some of their tunes . . . that’s exactly what you’ll want to be.” - Jamie Soliz, IE Weekly